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Re: Why does Debian distributed firmware not need to be Depends: upon? [was Re: LCC and blobs]

> And I still don't think anyone could argue that it would be reasonable
> to stick a driver on a Debian CD with a README that says "if you want
> to use this driver, you'll need to write a firmware file for your SCSI
> card.  Use the following assembler...."

I never said the USER HAS to write the firmware. But the user (or more
likely the driver developer) CAN write the firmware.

> Do any of you seriously believe that Debian users would be satisfied
> with a driver that worked only after they sat down and wrote a firmware
> file using some free tools helpfully provided in Debian?  Do you think
> Debian users would consider the driver useful if shipped in that state?

The same argument goes for any other software shipped by Debian.


Peter (p2).

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