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Print Alternative

I'm packaging the Printer Configuration Tool (default printer config
tool on RedHat/Fedora systems) for Debian. This aplication allows users
to configure printers without needing to know if they're running CUPS,
LPRng or whatever. To do that, the RedHat/Fedora team is using the
alternatives system created by Debian and already used by us for
browsers, terminals, editors, etc.

So, here goes my suggestion and a request: what do you think of using
the alternatives system for printing?

That would ease porting this application to run on Debian. This
application would add a great facility for our users since it is
impossible to know what command must be used to print a document on a
Debian system.

My suggestion to the name of this alternative is "print" which should
point to the command used to print (ex.: /usr/bin/lpr)

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