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Re: murphy is listed on spamcop

* Russell Coker:

>> This isn't true.  Another precondition for not being blocked because
>> of a single incident is that Spamcop (or Ironport?) sees enough
>> solicited mail from your server.  Most non-US/non-English mail ISPs
>> aren't in this category, even if they have many users.
> I haven't noticed any problems when running non-US mail servers.

The leading German web-based mail providers are regularly blocked. 8-(
Maybe the language barrier is the reason why the mail volumes differ.
After all. Spamcop is English-only, and I don't think the German
providers offer an English user interface.  As a result, there's
probably little mail flowing between the two.

At least this explains the blocking problem without resorting to
malice. 8-)

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