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Re: murphy is listed on spamcop

* Russell Coker:

>>   and (3) there's no apparent  
>>   attempt to compensate for (2), despite a long history of problems.
> The system seems to be working well.  Big sites need multiple reports to get 
> them listed (so a single stupid user can't cause a major server to be 
> blocked).

This isn't true.  Another precondition for not being blocked because
of a single incident is that Spamcop (or Ironport?) sees enough
solicited mail from your server.  Most non-US/non-English mail ISPs
aren't in this category, even if they have many users.  I wouldn't be
surprised if you could change by becoming a customer of Ironport and
use their spam-related services.  Go figure.

> Yes, that stops a lot of spam.  Spamcop as a hard black-list is the best 
> measure to stop spam that you can use without excessive complaints.

Spamcop never blocked MSN Hotmail, even when it was a constant source
of spam (submitted over the web interface)...

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