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Re: Filing bugs with upstream

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 12:40:42 -0600, Kenneth Pronovici wrote:
> It's not as simple as saying that these people are "not willing to be a
> maintainer".  In my case, these were otherwise quite responsible
> maintainers who just didn't feel it was their responsibility to deal
> with upstream bugs.  So, like I said, we have some internal
> disagreements on this subject, and we don't have a solid policy that
> says what we're supposed to do with upstream bugs.
Let's get some things straight.
1. Most upstreams has stated vary plainly that there software is NOT FIT
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  I think this includes, but is not limited to,
being used in any way by Debian.
This would imply that the Debian community can ask nothing of them, YMMV.

2. The Debian Social Contract implies, at the vary least, that Debian
Maintainers are not afforded this luxury.

I can see only one conclusion; Debian Maintainers, bound by the Social
Contract, are the Maintainers of there packages.  They should be
completely responsible for there Packages, placing no blame one any one

The End.

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