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Re: handling bugs of udev

On Monday 20 Dec 2004 13:16, Frank Küster wrote:

> In this case I would say that Marco is right. Installing any package
> that has to do with modules and/or kernel features always means that the
> user has to check the documentation and look whether everything is going
> to work in his or her setup. He then has the option of not using the
> package, or changing the local configuration. It seems to me from udev's
> README.Debian that there is a simple way to change your local
> configuration. On the other hand, I see no easy way to automate this
> during package installation (do you?).

Isn't this bug related to this one in hotplug (which Marco also 
uploads/maintains I believe)?


It looks to me like this bug could be fixed in theory, see last comment from 
Marco on the above bug.

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