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Re: Installer for power4 and power5 systems

Am 20.12.2004 um 15:37 schrieb Sven Luther:


works fine.
Besides this, only a 2.6.9+ makes sense because of the included
features. The 2.6.8(.1) did not boot a p670 at all, while the p615 and
new power5
machines did.o
Yep, i am working on real 64bit kernels, but saddly lacking time. I
uploaded 32bit biarch gcc compilers from doko to :


Mmm, damn, this URL doesn't work, need to fix it :/

I should have known this - I've used the stuff from below ;-)

Well, it is at : http://debian-ppc64.alioth.debian.org/~luther/biarch/gcc-3.4biarch for now, but please consider participating in the ppc64 project also, much easier that way. There is also a mailing list, but not really used upto now, and Martin has expressed that using debian-powerpc for this kind of stuff
(maybe prefixing it [ppc64] in the subject or something) would be more

I've subscribed to the list, if it's used or not. I'd like to participate in the ppc64
stuff, sure. All development takes place at the ppc64 project on alioth?

I probably will if you can point me to some straight forward
documentation. I did
some digging in the partman-* packages some time ago, but in the
limited time I
had, it was not obvious what packages were needed for both issues
(creation of the
prep partition _and_ checking if it is there). If the first is fixed,
should take a look at
it again, but hints are really wellcome.

You know as much as me. look at the partman-palo as an example, since
it does
exactly the same thing. partman code is not the most readable of all :/

Ok. I'll retry, but probably not before the beginning of the next year.

No problem. Altough we may miss sarge, but i suppose an unofficial installer
would be just as well.

* yaboot may be used to install to the PPC PReP boot partition. Same
like above. I didn't
 find a place where the depencies are set...

This should be fixed, at least i think Colin Watson uploaded a fixed
of this one lately.

Since I've a new kernel, there's a new target in the installer
besides of
newworld, etc.), and I don't know where to put it that the installer
gets the idea
that calling yaboot may be a good idea. For the latest build I used
from last wednesday.

Bah, once we have official 64bit kernels, this may not be a problem
Care to contribute to this ? I also have limited time, so it will
happen next year, and on top of that, i don't have the hardware.

I can connect the local p615 directly to the internet and provide a
login for
you. It should be able to crosscompile to 64-bit using the packages I
made at:

Well, for d-i and kernel work, i guess this will probably not be enough. I have access to leighbb's power3 box, complete with serial console and power switch, which may be more appropriate. Just the motivation is less if you
don't have direct access to the hardware.

This is no problem. I've been told that there's a local power5 machine in the end of this year with LPAR support, where you can fork a LPAR for your use
and control absolutely everything via HMC ;-)

Apropos HMC. What is the supposed way to add an additional line to the
initial inittab, so that HMC is usable at all? It does work during the installation,
but after the reboot you're lost if there's no hand installed sshd.


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