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Re: RFC: common database policy/infrastracture

> >>    1. From a Debian point of view provide an option for debconf which
> >>       just tells postinst not to create the database etc, because
> >>       the bootstrap script would take over this job.
> >>       Just provide the data which are needed in a defined interface
> >>       instead.
> >
> >this would certainly be possible, and as we've discussed there are
> >already hooks for this.  however, i think it's good practice to
> >isolate what needs to be done with administrative privileges
> >if at all possibile.
> ACK.
> But if I understand Karsten right, bootstraping GnuMed is something more 
> than creating a database and creating some tables.
Correct. But none of that is any business of dbconfig-common

> So the idea came into my mind to create a system acount for the application
> database maintainer (in this case gm-dbowner) with the same system login
> parameters as postgres (only possibility ist to su gm-dbowner) and enable
> only local ident authentication work.  Then we do not need to store any
> password and the job can be done as this user.
This is likely best practice and very desirable in an
environment as controllable as Debian.

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