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Re: RFC: common database policy/infrastracture

> >but something to point out:  dbconfig-common already performs the
> >administrative actions needed to set up the database and database user
Well, see, the GnuMed bootstrapping does a lot more advanced
things regarding "the database user". There's users and groups
with varying levels of access to the database.

However, if dbconfig-common creates the admin account we just
use it. We can also deal with the fact that the database is
pre-created, no problem.

>     2. From the application point of view I could ask people to
>        include an option which prevents the bootstrap script from
>        doing the work which is just done.  I guess this is no big deal
>        for the very responsive authors.
Agree. We might need to double-check but I think we are in
good shape on that already.

> >for the admin pass, it should be configurable globally whether or not
> >the admin password is stored at all.
I think you need to be very clear on what you mean here. There
is an admin account for *PostgreSQL* (eg. postgres in most
cases) but there's also an admin account for the database
"gnumed" inside PostgreSQL (usually called gm-dbowner). The
latter one owns all objects in that database and grants rights
to other user groups.

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