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Re: boot: network configured before PCMCIA loaded


Thomas Hood:

> You probably don't need those dns-nameservers lines.  A local
> (cacheing) nameserver such as dnsmasq or pdnsd (or even bind,
> if you set it up properly) has an initscript that adds address
> to the list of addresses of nameservers.
> Generally speaking you only need to add a dns-nameservers line to
> an /etc/network/interfaces stanza if a remote nameserver at a fixed
> address becomes available via an interface that is configured
> according to that stanza.

I don't really have a clue about configuring BIND, but I've read that
the default configuration is a caching nameserver, so I simply apt-got
bind9 when I started using Debian and didn't touch it afterwards.
Unfortunately, every time I used DHCP the /etc/resolv.conf got edited
and my choice got overwritten, so I apt-got resolvconf and
told it via the dns-nameservers lines to keep as the first

Do you think I should switch to dnsmasq or pdnsd instead, because BIND
is an overkill for a caching nameserver (or because of something else)?

> Remove the "auto eth1" line.
> Install hotplug.
> Add this stanza to /etc/network/interfaces:
>     mapping hotplug
>         script grep
>         echo eth1
> Then eth1 will be brought up by hotplug rather than by the networking
> initscript.

Thanks, I'll try that, and thanks for the bootlogd solution.

I posted to debian-devel because I was wondering whether simply moving
network initialisation past the initial PCMCIA card loading wouldn't be
a sane thing to do anyway.

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