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boot: network configured before PCMCIA loaded


Since yesterday I'm discovering the joys of WiFi throught a PCMCIA card
in my laptop and a freshly set up home WiFi network. As this is going
to be my main setup for at least a couple of days now, I've changed my
/etc/network/interfaces to something like this:

> auto lo
> iface lo inet loopback
> # auto eth0=lan
> auto eth1=dhcp
> iface lan inet static
>         address
>         netmask
>         gateway
>         dns-nameservers
> iface dhcp inet dhcp
>         dns-nameservers

(previously, I've been mainly using
a static IP bound to my Ethernet NIC).

Unfortunately, the network is brought up before the PCMCIA cards
are loaded, so the eth1 device is not there yet[1] and I'm left
with bringing the network up manually each time. Couldn't the network
setup be moved a bit later in the boot process, so it happens after
the PCMCIA card loading?

[1] aside: where can I find the log of the boot messages? it used to be
in /var/log/boot, but it's missing since I've reinstalled the system...

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