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Re: Bug#286211: ITP: kwin-style-knifty -- Knifty style window decoration for KDE

Rob Bradford wrote:

Is it not possible to combine all these packages into one, in a similar way to
gnome-themes-extras? Where gnome-themes contains the official themes package and
the gnome-themes-extra contains some extra 3rd party themes.

There is always a compromise between archive bloat and installing extra,
possibly unneccessary material, since these themes are only about 400K each I
see no reason why they shouldn't be combined. (Along with kwin-baghira.)

I don't really like that idea. First, because all these styles represents various
styles. Second, in case one of them get upgraded you'd have to fetch all the,
bloated for me, package just because you have one of the style installed.
kde-themes-extra shall be just virtual package depending on all components, but
users shall have a choice and ability to install just these components they
really want to.

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