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Re: Bug#286211: ITP: kwin-style-knifty -- Knifty style window decoration for KDE

On Sat, Dec 18, 2004 at 03:54:03PM +0100, Marcin Orlowski wrote:
> Rob Bradford wrote:
> >Is it not possible to combine all these packages into one, in a
> >similar way to gnome-themes-extras? Where gnome-themes contains the
> >official themes package and the gnome-themes-extra contains some
> >extra 3rd party themes.
> >
> >There is always a compromise between archive bloat and installing
> >extra, possibly unneccessary material, since these themes are only
> >about 400K each I see no reason why they shouldn't be combined.
> >(Along with kwin-baghira.)
> I don't really like that idea. First, because all these styles
> represents various styles. Second, in case one of them get upgraded
> you'd have to fetch all the, bloated for me, package just because you
> have one of the style installed.  

400K themes packaged in ~60K debs are bloated for you, but the rest of
KDE isn't?

How often are the new upstream versions of the themes released?  From
what I've seen, once a theme becomes stable, it's usually only ever
updated again to support newer versions of KDE.  In that case, you'd
have to update them anyway.

Finally, I question why you want to maintain so many of these themes.
Surely you only use maybe one or two of these.

> kde-themes-extra shall be just virtual package depending on all
> components, but users shall have a choice and ability to install just
> these components they really want to.

That argument can be used all the way down to every file contained in
every package in the archive.  It has no meaning.

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