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Re: RFC: common database policy/infrastracture

On Fri, 17 Dec 2004, Karsten Hilbert wrote:

Well, see, the GnuMed bootstrapping does a lot more advanced
things regarding "the database user". There's users and groups
with varying levels of access to the database.

However, if dbconfig-common creates the admin account we just
use it. We can also deal with the fact that the database is
pre-created, no problem.

Agree. We might need to double-check but I think we are in
good shape on that already.
I guessed this.  BTW, do you think that the daily snapshot service
will be started soon or should I switch back to check out from CVS.
I'd prefer the snapshot because this is a certain file which I
could refer to.

I think you need to be very clear on what you mean here. There
is an admin account for *PostgreSQL* (eg. postgres in most
On Debian GNU/Linux the user postgres has no password (by default).
You can only "su postgres" and use the ident method from localhost.

but there's also an admin account for the database
"gnumed" inside PostgreSQL (usually called gm-dbowner). The
latter one owns all objects in that database and grants rights
to other user groups.
I was talking about this user as "administrator" of the GnuMed
database.  I see no need to store the password of gm-dbowner
in any file inside the file system.  Thus it should be avoided.

Kind regards



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