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Re: software raid question/confusion

David Dougall wrote:

That file does not appear to exist.
I did find the links in /etc/rc0.d, rcS.d and rc6.d after the fact
Why is it "starting" the raids in runlevel 0 and 6 anyway?  That seems a
little weird.


You seem to be using an old version of mdadm

The current mdadm in woody is 0.7.2-2, but sarge is 1.7.0-2

You may also want to try dpkg-reconfigure mdadm

Mine works fine, it's init script reads /etc/default/mdadm and starts the daemon only if $START_DAEMON == 'true'.

Don't touch the scripts, you'll lose your changes on the next upgrade.

Jose Luis Painceira

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