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Re: software raid question/confusion

That file does not appear to exist.
I did find the links in /etc/rc0.d, rcS.d and rc6.d after the fact
Why is it "starting" the raids in runlevel 0 and 6 anyway?  That seems a
little weird.
Also, I have AUTOSTART=false in /etc/mdadm/debian.conf.  But, the
script jumps to the next else statement if it is not set to true and
therefore will automatically start the raids anyway.
I have no problem editing the scripts, but I don't want them to be
overwritten when I upgrade the package later on.  I was hoping that a
config option somewhere would do the trick.
If I delete the debian.conf file, it will not start the raids.  Will this
file get replaced during an upgrade?  If I symlink it to /dev/null or
something ugly like that, will it work?
--David Dougall

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004, Jose Luis Painceira wrote:

> David Dougall wrote:
> > I installed the mdadm package recently.  version 1.3.0-2
> > I do not want the md devices to be started when I reboot the server.  I
> > cannot find the config file which specifies this.  The only way I was able
> > to stop this was to edit /etc/init.d/mdadm-raid.
> > I can't even find what process is calling mdadm-raid.
> Take a look at /etc/default/mdadm
> Regards,
> Jose Luis Painceira

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