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Re: software raid question/confusion

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 19:00:44 +0000, Sam Morris wrote:
> David Dougall wrote:
> >I installed the mdadm package recently.  version 1.3.0-2
> >I do not want the md devices to be started when I reboot the server.  I
> >cannot find the config file which specifies this.  The only way I was able
> >to stop this was to edit /etc/init.d/mdadm-raid.
> >I can't even find what process is calling mdadm-raid.
> >Please advise.
> >--David Dougall
> >
> >
> You if you delete all the links that match "/etc/rc?.d/S??mdadm-raid" 
> then "/etc/init.d/mdadm-raid start" won't be invoked at boot.

As it's been pointed to me (several times) it's better to rename such links
to the appropriate K??* form than to remove them completely.
It has better defined meaning and prevents invoke-rc.d from running the
scripts on upgrades.

Michał Politowski
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