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Naming for OSSP projects in Debian (libraries, dirs)

URL: http://www.ossp.org

Hi Dexter,

I saw that you also ITP a OSSP (www.ossp.org) project for Debian:
OSSP uuid. I intent to do the same for OSSP sa. I'm using the sa
library successful for a small application so my intention is
make it public for others who intent to do the same too.

I've done already a Debian package and intent to sync the future
OSSP work with you. The problem I see with OSSP are the too simple
names e.g. libsa or libuuid. The header files are also installed
by default in /usr/include. This will lead in problems for uuid
more then for sa because Debian provide already more then one
file with the name uuid.h:

We run in naming conflicts with other packages sooner or later.
It would be nice if we can have the same name semantic for this
two OSSP packages. I would propose:

Header files go to /usr/include/ossp/*, e.g. /usr/include/ossp/{sa,uuid}.h
Library start with libossp*, e.g. libossp{sa,uuid}*.

The problem is that Debian will become binary incompatible with
foreign programs base on OSSP libraries :( I hope we find a solution
that match the requirements of the OSSP project and Debian.

Raphael Bossek

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