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Re: installing a source tree?

On Wed, Dec 15, 2004 at 12:01:24PM -0500, Chasecreek Systemhouse wrote:
> So, I humbly request suggestions or hints as to a direction I can
> follow to be able to get the source cod and development tree (READ Not
> CVS Tree) of say package PostgresSQL.
> I have tried variations of -
>     apt-get install postgresql-source
> as well as variations of -
>     apt-get build-dep [package]
>     apt-get source --compile [package]
> However the other package cannot find the PostgresSQL source tree.

  First of all download the source which matches the package you have
 installed with:

	apt-get source postgresql

  Then you'll need to examine the software you're trying to build against
 it to see how it finds the source directory.  Maybe there's a flag
 to use:

	./configure --source=../postgresql.. 

  Or similar.

  Honestly I'm suprised you need the full package source.  Normally
 you'd just get the development packages to give you the header files
 and the libraries which are linked against.

  In your case that would be the stuff provided by the package

  What's the name of the software you're trying to build?

> I'm creating/documenting  a quick Debian_Hints file at:
> http://insecurity.org/ll3i11_j0n35/Debian_Hints

  Have you read many of the fine Debian manuals?  There's a lot of
 good stuff linked to from:



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