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installing a source tree?

Installing a source tree? (But NOT a CVS tree.)

OK, this is probably somewhat retarded -- because I cannot figure it
out and it very likely is simple and I am missing something basic:  I
would like to install a software package that requires the PostgresSQL
development and source code tree -- so that the new software can be
compiled against it.

If this were RH or FC or SuSE I would simply download and compile all
required source code until I got it all working -- this takes a
friggin' long time.  =(

I do not wish to do that on my Debian Ultrasparc because the previous
procedure also has a bad habit of "breaking" my system too =/

So, I humbly request suggestions or hints as to a direction I can
follow to be able to get the source cod and development tree (READ Not
CVS Tree) of say package PostgresSQL.

I have tried variations of -
    apt-get install postgresql-source

as well as variations of -
    apt-get build-dep [package]
    apt-get source --compile [package]

However the other package cannot find the PostgresSQL source tree.

I'm creating/documenting  a quick Debian_Hints file at:

WC -Sx- Jones

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