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Re: Help needed with debconf

"Arne Götje" <20030910antispam@gmx.net> wrote:
> I need some help with debconf, especially for the config and postinst 
> scripts.
> I tried to craft my own ones for my font package and when I try to 
> install the package the postinst script exits with status 10. What does 
> this mean?
> Further more, the dialog I have created in config gets never displayed 
> to the user... :(

> I have attached the config, templates and postinst files.

> Can someone help me to review them and find the mistakes?

I probably have notfound the real cause, but perhaps this helps
db_input medium ttf-arphic-uming/variant

If debconf decides to not ask this question (either because the user
has set his debconf priority to high or because the question has been
shown previously) db_input will give a non-zero exit code and your
script will end prematurly because of set -e, you'll usually want
db_input ... || true
for that reason.


if [ "$1" = "configure" ]; then
I should not make any difference, but I'd strongly suggest to move
"#DEBHELPER#" to end of the file.

 if [ "$variant" == "Unicode" ]; then

That is a bashism which will fail if /bin/sh is dash. Use
[ "foo" = "bar" ] instead.

To debug this further you'd need to actually run the script and
install the package, playing with DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer and possibly
using set -x in the scripts temporarily.
                 cu andreas
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