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Help needed with debconf

Hi list,

I need some help with debconf, especially for the config and postinst 
I tried to craft my own ones for my font package and when I try to 
install the package the postinst script exits with status 10. What does 
this mean?
Further more, the dialog I have created in config gets never displayed 
to the user... :(

I have attached the config, templates and postinst files.

Can someone help me to review them and find the mistakes?

Arne Götje (高盛華) <20030910antispam@gmx.net> 
(Spam catcher.  Address might change in future!)
PGP/GnuPG key: 1024D/685D1E8C
Fingerprint: 2056 F6B7 DEA8 B478 311F  1C34 6E9F D06E 685D 1E8C
Key available at wwwkeys.pgp.net.   Encrypted e-mail preferred.

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Template: ttf-arphic-uming/variant
Type: select
Choices: Unicode, MBE, both
Default: Unicode
Description: Which font variant do you want to install?
 This font contains bopomofo extended glyphs, which are used to
 annotate chinese glyphs to show how the characters should be
 pronounced. These bopomofo extended glyphs are used for some
 minority languages, like Taiwanese and Hakka. They are mainly 
 used in Taiwan.
 There are two variants of these bopomofo
 extended glyphs in use, one which conformes to the Unicode standard,
 and one, called Modern Bopomofo Extensions (MBE), which aims to be
 easier to read and write.
 The Unicode variant also contains the MBE variants encoded as TTF
 stylistic alternatives (SALT). As only few programs can support
 this feature, users who prefer to use the MBE glyphs should install
 the MBE variant instead of the Unicode one.
 If you don't know what I'm talking about or don't intend to use
 those glyphs at all, choose Unicode.

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