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Re: Linux Core Consortium

Yo all!

Seeing this discussion wander in many directions, please consider what is 
acutally under discussion here:

> I would not suggest that Debian commit to using LCC packages at this 
> time. We should participate for a while and see how many changes we'd 
> have to make and whether the project works for us. But I think we should 
> be at the table and in a position to influence the project. The other  
> members are willing to have us on those terms. 

 - Debian is invited to participate in the LCC
 - Debian does not, at this time, have to commit to anything at all, 
whatever the output of the LCC is.

Looking just at this, it seems - to me - more or less obvious that Debian 
should participate in this project, if there is manpower available to do 

Any 'Debianisms' that get pushed into LCC will lower the work ISVs have to 
do to support their applications on Debian.

Any LCCisms that get accepted into Debian (for whatever reason) will do the 

Any output of LCC that some affected package maintainer does not like, he 
may ignore. (Having sound reasons may help keeping the discussions short, 
though :^)

Whether Debian should or should not strive to be an LCC compliant 
distribution is not under discussion right now.  The same goes for all the 
other 27 topics that are being discussed in this thread.

(Hmm. Shouldn't this actually be under discussion on -project instead of 

thanks for listening
-- vbi

(Hmmm. Can the list server be set up to reject replies to new mails within 
the first 2h after them having been sent out? ;-)

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