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Re: Bug#284642: ITP: dpkg-reversion -- change the version of a DEB file

Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> writes:

> * Adam Heath 
> | The above makes it easy to exclude whole heiarachies, ie, /usr/share/doc.
> So will the filetype part of how Scott James is doing stuff.
> | It can also be used to alter /lib to /lib64 or /lib32, on the fly, during
> | install.
> You can't do that in a sane way anyhow.  (Think libtool files.  Think
> pkg-config files.  Think symlinks.  Think documentation references.)
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Nothing may depend on /usr/share/doc so nothing should break if that
is removed. As for the user following links from e.g. a manpage that
is then the local admins problem, his fault for filtering.

The rest is only relevant for compiling stuff. If you don't need that
then moving libs to lib64 or lib32 is fine. It is the admins problem


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