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Re: Intel EM64T porting machine for Debian

* Chasecreek Systemhouse <chasecreek.systemhouse@gmail.com> [2004-12-10 20:56]:
> > agreed to set up the machine, host it for a while and give interested
> > developers access.  This box is not a general .debian.org
> Is this by invitation only?

Debian developers will not automatically get access (since it's not a
.debian.org box) so people need to request accounts.  The machine will
be available to people who are interested in working on Debian's
AMD64/EM64T port.  Stephen Frost is part of the AMD64 porting team and
if you're interested in helping out you should just get in contact
with him.  (Having said this, Intel only just told me that they have
shipped the box, so it will take a while to arrive and get installed.
If you follow the debian-amd64 list, I'm sure Stephen will announce
when people can request accounts.)
Martin Michlmayr

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