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Intel EM64T porting machine for Debian

Over the last few weeks, I have been in discussion with Intel about
getting an EM64T system for Debian.  They agreed to give a system on
loan to us for 6 months (or possibly longer if we make good use of it)
and after some legal issues were clarified (thanks to Greg Pomerantz
of SPI), the machine is now being shipped to Stephen Frost.  Stephen
agreed to set up the machine, host it for a while and give interested
developers access.  This box is not a general .debian.org
infrastructure box, but it is strictly to be used for EM64T/AMD64
porting, especially to make sure the existing experimental AMD64 port
of Debian works on EM64T without any problems.

I assume Stephen will post details about how to get accounts once he
has received and installed the machine.
Martin Michlmayr

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