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Re: Linux Core Consortium

* Brian Nelson (pyro@debian.org) [041210 19:55]:
> Yup.  There's never been a sense of urgency.  The RM's throw out release
> dates and goals every once in a while, but no one seems to take those
> seriously.

Not true. (And, perhaps you noticed, the release team avoided to give
specific days in the last time, and the timeline depends on a day N.)

> And probably for good reason. 

Remarks like this _are_ driving the release back.

> For the second straight
> release, when we've gotten to a point that it seemed we were nearly
> ready for a release, we then discover we have no security autobuilders.
> The release then gets pushed back a few more months, while the plebeian
> developers sit around twiddling their thumbs unable to help wondering
> why the hell no one thought to set up the autobuilders in the 2+ years
> we've been preparing a release.

Be assured, the setting up the security autobuilders are a topic since
I'm following the process of releasing sarge closely. Like e.g. in
which tells us that we need them for being able to freeze. Or, a bit
This even tells:
| The bad news is that we still do not have an ETA for the
| testing-security autobuilders to be functional.  This continues to be
| the major blocker for proceeding with the freeze

I don't think this mean that we suddenly discover it, but as other
issues were more prominently blockers e.g. in July (like the toolchain),
those issues were resolved back in September (and are still resolved

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