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Re: Linux Core Consortium

John Goerzen dijo [Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 09:40:51PM -0600]:
> > I think that tying core Debian packages to the Red Hat boat anchor is a
> > horrible, horrible idea.
> I tend to agree with sentiments like this, but didn't Bruce mention
> that we could participate in this organization even if we didn't take
> their packages?  That is, perhaps we could influence the direction to
> a more useful one?
> If that is the case, it seems zero risk to me.

Then we would be non-participants, we would be just bitchers, telling
everybody how fucked-up their process and QA are. We would gain
nothing, and we would lose as everybody would say that Debian refuses
to play together with the guys after giving an initial 'yes'. And no,
no ISV would certify Debian just because Debian sits and bitches.

I don't have a real position on whether we should join LCC or not -
But if we do, we should _really_ join LCC, not just sit at the LCC
table and watch them play.


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