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Re: Linux Core Consortium

Greg Folkert wrote:

I will strongly oppose any shared binaries. I don't want any RPM shoved down my throat.

One is not equal to the other. It's entirely possible to have a single package source that builds into both RPM and DEB.

I would like to use see a shared  usage of the same Source Core

Yes, let's work on that for now. Perhaps we will all find that we should stop at that.

Okay, he we are as Debian, with strict policies about packaging. If we
could get the RPM based Distros to "get that" we could get along much
much better as well. Smaller more numerous packages (Like for Samba:
samba-common, smbclient, smbfs, swat, winbind, samba, samba-doc,
libsmbclient, libsmbclient-dev... etc), not just samba and samba-devel.
This does not sound unreasonable, but they won't do it if we're not there asking for it to be done.

If we are so sure we want interoperability, why not Invite the
BSDs as well. I know I'd like to see that. Some of the BSDs already
provide much of the compatibility right now.
Well, why not invite the AIX, Solaris, and HP-UX folks too :-) Let's bite off a managable piece for now.

I'd be glad to help on any front to get more applications from
Commercial Entities for Linux and BSD, even down to the negotiations
about how this. I for one use Linux 99.95% of the time. I'd like to see
that at 100%. If this LCC would be something that even RedHat and Novell
would Follow as well as the packaging and policy (even for just the Core
pieces) and as long as source for these and a test kit is made available
and improved by a technical committee/task-force, I'd like to see more
of this.
I can tell you for sure that if we don't build a strong community for LCC, the only thing that business people will ever care about is RH certification and Novell certification. We need to take this to the point that RH and Novell customers and the hardware vendors will insist that RH and Novell adopt it.

Debian has Policy and packaging constraints, if more Linux Distros at
least experienced those and really, how easy it is to just do it... I
think Debian could help tremendously.
Yes, I don't believe any other distro has done such an excellent job on policy.

Those Certifications would be given to the CORE, right? If a given
Distro proves, through the Testing Kit, that it complies, Certification
is inherited?
Thats what they are planning.



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