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Re: Linux Core Consortium


Henrique answered your question. There has been some divergence between various distributions regarding the naming and especially the versioning of these libraries. We would heal that fork to increase compatibility. Doing that means that some names and version tags are going to change for some people. Of course we want to see everyone involved bearing some of that load, rather than Debian bearing the lion's share of it.


On Wed, 08 Dec 2004, Steve Langasek wrote:
How in the world does changing the names of core system libraries serve the
technical goal of providing better *compatibility* between distros?  Indeed,
how could this be anything other than a gratuitous change?

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
Good question. OTOH, getting all of us to use a common naming *AND VERSIONED
SYMBOL TAGS* for everything is a worthy goal.  If this project will help
with that...


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