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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activitymonitor

On Wednesday 08 December 2004 01:09, Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> wrote:
> >> Fortunately, though, pictures of naked dogs are *not* considered
> >> to be appealing to prurient interests.  Unless, *maybe*, a hyper-
> >> horny 13 year old boy is seeing a picture of dogs copulating, and
> >> not in the context of some "scientific value", i.e., a text book.
> >> Even in that case, though, the boy would probably be told to wash
> >> his hand and stop being a pervert.
> >
> > So you have no objections to bestiality web sites then?
> >
> > Some years ago a server in Amsterdam that I was running was overloaded
> > due to thousands of downloads per hour of a bestiality AVI.  I removed
> > the site due to technical reasons (the entire ISP ran slow because of all
> > the bestiality downloads).
> Did this AVI really show dogs copulating with each other (not pervert
> humans with a dog)? And people downloaded this in masses? The world is
> strange.

It involved a donkey.  As far as I recall not enough of the woman was visible 
to be regarded as porn if it wasn't for what she was doing with the donkey.  
But my recollection isn't particularly clear and I never looked at it too 

The only reason I watched it is that I forced every manager in the area to 
watch it in it's entirity to try and force them to give me permission to 
delete it (I am still surprised that so many managers were prepared to watch 
that AVI right through instead of granting me permission to delete it).

Bestiality is legal in the Netherlands so I had to establish a new company 
policy on deleting commercial web sites that caused too much traffic and cost 
too much.  It was a free web server - people who want to run commercial porn 
sites are supposed to pay for their bandwidth.

Americans want to be moral so they ban hard-core porn.  So the hard-core porn 
sites get run in places like the Netherlands and cater to an American 
audience.  Americans then say that people who live in the Netherlands are 
perverted because they allow Americans to do what they want and make money 
from it.  The world is indeed strange.

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