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Legal budget and Director-and-officer insurance related to packages with "adult" themes

There are a few people who are most likely to be prosecuted over legal issues in Debian packages that have "adult" themes. They are the SPI directors, and those affiliated with any registration or incorporation of SPI or Debian in countries other than the U.S. There is the potential for us to suffer various sorts of legal peril. This is not trivial: for me prosecution could have a significant effect on how my son is brought up and what education we can afford for him. Board members and officers may choose to sustain that risk, but we should do it with our eyes open. Here's how you can help us do so.

First, we should be asking more questions of our legal counsel so that we have a better idea of what the potential problems are and how to prepare for them. Some of these questions will be answered for free, some will cost money. I feel it's appropriate for Debian to allocate a legal budget specifically for issues related to packages with adult themes.

Pending the outcome of questions to counsel, it may be advisable for SPI and Debian to purchase director and officer insurance coverage, to protect the people who stick their necks out on your behalf from the financial effects of a potential prosecution. This could easily cost thousands per year.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to establish a donation fund specifically for packages with "adult" themes, so that those of us who have an interest in them can support their financial overhead without placing a burden on the rest of the Debian project. Until such a thing happens, I am assuming that the load of this shall be upon Debian's general fund.



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