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package rejection

Hi fellow debianista,
the package in question has not yet been accepted.
For a pacakge to be accepted, here is conditions some have mentioned:
1) dfsg-free
2) can not be sexist
3) has to be able to be mirrored by all mirrors based on the laws of the
location of the server
4) can not offend someone's religion
5) must be able to be installed by minors
6) can not be off-color sexually or culturally
7) must be able to be included on cd#1
8) must be able to be included on dvd#1
9) must be able to be included on any cd/dvd

does it have to pass all of these, all the time?
does it have to pass different condition for the cd's that people
distribute? ie. would it be ok to force its exclusion on cd#1 but
include it on one/all debian mirrors?
what about different mirror and cd creation rules?

also, does anyone know of any other packages that never got in and the


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