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Re: package rejection

On Fri, 03 Dec 2004, Kevin Mark wrote:
> 1) dfsg-free

Not a condition for acceptance in non-free. But then, that ain't Debian, so
your point stands.

> 2) can not be sexist
> 3) has to be able to be mirrored by all mirrors based on the laws of the
> location of the server
> 4) can not offend someone's religion
> 5) must be able to be installed by minors
> 6) can not be off-color sexually or culturally

The only other real condition is:

2) is acceptable to one of the ftp-masters.

So ask one of them directly.

> also, does anyone know of any other packages that never got in and the
> reasons?

dvdcss code, and some other MPAA bait never did, I think.

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