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Re: package rejection

Kevin Mark <kmark+debian-devel@pipeline.com> writes:

> Hi fellow debianista,
> the package in question has not yet been accepted.
> For a pacakge to be accepted, here is conditions some have mentioned:
> 1) dfsg-free

No non-free? But I guess you ment "accepted to main".

> 2) can not be sexist

Man is sexist, please remove all manpages or also provide woman pages.
Since every binary has to have a manpage remove them all.

> 3) has to be able to be mirrored by all mirrors based on the laws of the
> location of the server

Official mirrors? Or even mirrors in Bokkagaba where the use of the
letter 'e' is illegal?

> 4) can not offend someone's religion

Remove all religious texts like the bible, all the fortunes and
anything having a religious symbol in it, e.g. freeciv.

It is realy offending that you have to build cathedrals to make people
happy and can't build a moshk (?).

> 5) must be able to be installed by minors

Remove all games per se since none of them are certified for minors as
it is required in germany. Yes, in germany moon-buugy is 18+.

> 6) can not be off-color sexually or culturally

Doesn't that include 2 and 4?

> 7) must be able to be included on cd#1

So no chance of getting a 660MB package in?

> 8) must be able to be included on dvd#1
> 9) must be able to be included on any cd/dvd
> does it have to pass all of these, all the time?
> does it have to pass different condition for the cd's that people
> distribute? ie. would it be ok to force its exclusion on cd#1 but
> include it on one/all debian mirrors?
> what about different mirror and cd creation rules?
> also, does anyone know of any other packages that never got in and the
> reasons?
> -kev

Those rules severly restricts the freedom Debian holds so high.


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