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Re: ldap - a completely new method for fetching lists of packages?

On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 12:03:27PM -0500, Simon Law wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 11:47:38AM -0500, sean finney wrote:
> > please, please treat this machine politely.  it's my workstation and
> > i have no qualms with turning off slapd if it's getting in the
> > way :)
> If you're using OpenLDAP, there is no way that this could ever be fast.

sounds like you have some experience with openldap too :)

seriously though, i think it could in many situations... as it stands now,
apt has to refetch the Sources/Packages.gz files from every source
listed in sources.list.

now, if the apt method kept a timestamp of the last successful update,
it could send as part of the ldap query filter something like
'(debTimeStamp>$lasttime)'.  this would make keeping debian up to
date over dialup a much easier experience i imagine.

the one major problem with using a method like this is that apt
is designed with the assumption that it fetches the list of packages
in the same manner that it fetches the packages themselves.  i think
this could be worked around, but it's the only real stumbling block
i see to building an ldap protocol method into apt.



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