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ldap - a completely new method for fetching lists of packages?

hey folks,

in the past year or so i've been spending a fair amount of time with
ldap.  a while back, the thought occurred to me, why not put
the list of available packages in ldap? 

so.. i did that.  i found if you put a timestamp with the package on
its way way into the ldap tree, you could then do ridiculously fast
queries on what's new.  this could lead to exponentially faster
apt-get updates if a compatible method were added to apt.  

anyway, it's not horribly useful as it stands now, but it's a pretty
neat proof of concept.  if you're interested:

ldap server ip:, port 3389
base dn: dc=debianpackages,dc=swarthmore,dc=edu

please, please treat this machine politely.  it's my workstation and
i have no qualms with turning off slapd if it's getting in the
way :)

a sample from the ldap tree:


you'll notice that this is almost an exact copy of the directory
hiearchy on an ftp site.  probably not necessary, but i needed something
to start with.

i actually set this up a few months back, and then proceeded to completely
forget i had done it.  given all the talk lately of a "new packages
method", however, i not only remembered, but felt compelled to at least
mention it.  btw, and haven't touched it in a while so the packages
list hasn't been updated since then.  anyway, feedback and thoughts
are welcome.



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