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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activitymonitor

> Hi all, Em Qui, 2004-12-02 às 07:46, Tollef Fog Heen escreveu:
>> * Helen Faulkner
>> | Pornography is widely regarded as being demeaning and insulting
>> to women.
>> - A lot of people don't think the cartoon is pornography.

> A lot of men don't think the cartoon is pornography.

	Aren't men people too? ;-)

>> - If you think it is pr0n then I think it would be nice if you
>>   rather
>> provided some other pictures.  A sheared sheep or a tree losing its
>> leaves have been suggested.  Joe Drew (iirc) provided an offer,
>> valid two months as of a couple of hours ago that he'd make the
>> program themeable if somebody provided graphics.
>> If you actually _do_ something about the graphics, you are helping.
>> Just saying «this shouldn't be packaged because it objectifies
>> women» doesn't change the world.

> I ask a friend of mine to send me the same kind of pictures of a
> man, so I hope I'll have a patch to hot-babe in two days.

	Ah, so you don't think it was offensive, you just wanted to
 share in the fun. Fair enough.

>> I am not saying I don't believe you, I am just surprised that you
>> seem to feel objectified and pressured by a silly little cartoon.

> They are confusing somethings when compares sexual discrimination
> with any other kind of. Be a women is not a religion choice and is
> not a the same thing than choose a Desktop Manager. You are
> argumenting against equality. I'm a women but I have the same rights
> you have. Can you understand that?

	Is equality and self image so fragile as to be threatened by
 nude cartoons? Me, i am not sure I feel  threatened by the gay porn,
 femdom, and transgender pornography out there.  I prefer to let
 people do whatever turns them on in the privacy of their homes, as
 long as I am not forced to participate. I have no interest forcing my
 mores down other peoples throats. (Indeed, if our users want to see
 porn, should we not be facilitating this use of the machine?)

> "It is also the type of discussion that deterred me from becoming
> involved in Debian for some time."

	In that case, I am glad this has come up early enough so
 people know the nature of the beast they are trying to be a part of.


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