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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

On Wed, 01 Dec 2004 13:16:11 -0200, Fernanda Giroleti Weiden
<fernanda@softwarelivre.org> wrote:
> We need to discuss this point and find a technical way of solving the
> first.

Years ago (MSDOS 5 days) I was writing a work-group computing series
for Datapro; the Microsoft representative I had been interviwing at
the time stated that *IF* Unix (aka Linux) was more User-Friendly more
people would use it.

I said that if Unix was as *Helpful* as Windows (3.1) wanted to be --
Everyone would have computer viruses  =/

Yes, these are my comments about sexist, friendly programs,
in/on/around *my* system...

Just Say *No* to this idea.  No one is stopping developers from making
such a beast just as no one is stopping virus makers from making their

If, in the debian communitys great wisdom, it is decided that dancing
lappers should wiggle and jiggle across Debian desktops everywhere -
please put a *Delete me* option in that proggies Dialog  =)

WC -Sx- Jones

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