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Re: Simultaneous loading of e100 and eepro100 by hotplug

On Nov 30, Jérôme Warnier <jwarnier@beeznest.net> wrote:

> Currently, I blacklist one of them in hotplug
> (/etc/hotplug/blacklist.d), but wonder if it should not be done by
> default in the hotplug package.
I wonder if it should not be up to our kernel packages to blacklist
drivers which should not be loaded by default (another example is the
watchdog drivers, currently blacklisted by hotplug).
I'd like to know the opinion of the debian kernel maintainers.

> Should I submit a bugreport on hotplug or on the kernel?
There is already a bug open on hotplug.

ciao, |
Marco | [9497 pe3MzWM2ADrIY]

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