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Re: Bug#281154: RFA: ipsec-tools -- IPsec tools for Linux

On Sunday 28 November 2004 01:49, Matthew Grant wrote:

> Would you like to be the lead maintainer of the ipsec-tools and racoon
> packages?  There are a few things I want to get done to support laptop
> use.  The package is messy because of what I inherited, and the devel
> setup the ipsec-tools upstream coders have.

I follow the upstream ipsec-tools and racoon mailing lists and I am quite 
familiar with the racoon code (at least racoon code till 0.3.3), so I guess
manage as a  lead maintainer. This is a fairly complex package and also 
security sensitive, I'd definitely welcome co-developers.

> The ipsec-tools sources needs to be repackaged as it is just mostly
> shell script calls from debian/rules, no debmake or debhelper stuff is
> used.  This is a cause of a lot of work, and problems with various
> details with the package.  This needs to be repackaged after sarge is
> out.  This also puts updating to ipsec-tools 0.4 on hold as well.

Most of my packages use debhelper.  I can do the repackaging. I'll work on it 
and put it up for review. However, repackaging for 0.4 does not make sense 
(see below). 

> This is because the ipsec-tools coders use a wacky autoconf/libtool etc
> combination which does not compile on all Debian archs, which is hard to
> fix as you need to rerun the same autoconf/libtool (the Debian fixed
> ones) when you bring a new source tree in, and results in MASSIVE
> ..diff.gz files. This can't be done manually as these developer tools are
> quite cantankerous.

ipsec-tools 0.5 has a completely revamped the build system. It's a normal 
automake/autoconf/libtoolized package now (for example there is no separate 
configure.in in src/racoon directory). I'll give 0.4 a skip and take a 
snapshot release of 0.5 for the repackaging.


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