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Re: Bug#281154: RFA: ipsec-tools -- IPsec tools for Linux


Sorry about taking time to get back to you.  I have been busy trying to
get a Plone project off the deck.  After looking at the list of packages
you maintain, I see that you are into python in a big way.

Would you like to be the lead maintainer of the ipsec-tools and racoon
packages?  There are a few things I want to get done to support laptop
use.  The package is messy because of what I inherited, and the devel
setup the ipsec-tools upstream coders have.

The ipsec-tools sources needs to be repackaged as it is just mostly
shell script calls from debian/rules, no debmake or debhelper stuff is
used.  This is a cause of a lot of work, and problems with various
details with the package.  This needs to be repackaged after sarge is
out.  This also puts updating to ipsec-tools 0.4 on hold as well.

This is because the ipsec-tools coders use a wacky autoconf/libtool etc
combination which does not compile on all Debian archs, which is hard to
fix as you need to rerun the same autoconf/libtool (the Debian fixed
ones) when you bring a new source tree in, and results in MASSIVE
.diff.gz files. This can't be done manually as these developer tools are
quite cantankerous.

I have managed to get an ipsec-tools/racoon package release out with all
the easy bug fixes and bugs with patches done.  This  was probably 1/3
of the outstanding bugs against racoon and ipsec-tools.  Some of the
bugs on the list need to be closed off as they are upstream and are
fixed in 0.4

I am wanting to get this mostly off my plate as I am trying to
concentrate on using Linux for email communications for Aid
organisations, and community portal web sites using plone (which I get
paid for).  I also maintain a Debian email server for Leprosy Mission
Bangladesh, as well as remotely maintaining their office server in
Dhaka. (all running Debian).

Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.  


Matthew Grant

On Wed, 2004-11-17 at 07:25, Ganesan R wrote:
> >>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Grant <grantma@anathoth.gen.nz> writes:
> > Not just any person should take this package on, as it is highly
> > technical.  I am looking for someone with a background in IPSEC and in
> > network programming. I am also looking to help out from time to time and
> > add new functionality.
> I can help co-maintain this package. I use ipsec-tools at work and I am
> quite familiar with racoon source code.
> Ganesan
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