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Re: binary NMUs and version numbers

On Sun, Nov 28, 2004 at 01:42:47PM +0100, Andreas Barth wrote:

> * Scott James Remnant (scott@netsplit.com) [041128 13:35]:
> > The problem is the definition of "enough time"; I have enough time to
> > upload dpkg with the change to add the new symbol to the comparison
> > routine.
> > 
> > Does mdz have enough time to do the same for APT?
> Well, I'm not mdz, but he should have, or, in worst, we could NMU. As
> this change would be not too intrusive, it could be done even quite late
> in the release process.

The development time is not a problem, given clear consensus on the design.
This is not a complex feature, but it has broad effect.  This does not
strike me as something which should be changed at the 11th hour before a
release, however, that is arguably a decision for the release team.

The version comparison routine has been modified before, and bugs have been
introduced in the process.

> > What about all of the other various tools that parse deb filenames,
> > compare versions, etc.  Do we have enough time to track all of those
> > down and update them too?
> Yes, I'm quite optimistic about that.

I think mostly everything uses dpkg or libapt-pkg for version comparison;
I'm not worried about that.  There are probably quite a few programs which
have embedded regexes for Debian version numbers, however.

 - mdz

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