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Re: Bug#282409: ITP: mozilla-firefox-locale-pt-br -- Firefox Localization Package to Brazilian Portuguese.

On Tue, Nov 23, 2004 at 06:33:35PM +0100, Cesar Martinez Izquierdo wrote:
> El Lunes 22 Noviembre 2004 15:01, Otavio Salvador escribió:
> > cmi> a) I lack an sponsor to upload it to Debian.
> >
> > I can do it. No problem. We need it on Debian ASAP :-)
> OK, I've created an updated version which is working fine for me. I think is 
> ready for upload to the archive, but testing is welcome.
>  It's available here:
> http://users.evtek.fi/~k0400388/debian/mozilla-firefox-locale-all/1.0-4/
Could you please make a new release including the zh-CN translation?
This latest language package was officially released by mozilla.org in
Nov 24.


 Best Regards,

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