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Re: dselect survey (Was: Bug#282283: RFH: dselect -- a user tool to manage Debian packages)

On Tuesday 23 November 2004 18:04, Robin wrote:
> Jens Peter Secher (jps@debian.org) wrote on 12:44:38PM 21/11/04:
> > <survey>
> > I used dselect [ ] weeks ago.
> > (-1 means it was so long ago that I don't remember or never did).
> > </survey>
> I have used aptitude every now and then just to see what all the fuss is
> about but I just don't like it. Popup menus in text applications are so
> 1990's!
I use aptitude only, but prefer the old look before popups, and that is 
fortunately very easy to configure. 
It seems much more powerfull than deselect, I can easily find both testing, 
unstable and experimental version-numbers and pick the one I like.


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