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Re: boot sequence of a Debian/unstable system

Jochen Voss wrote:
> Yes, this would be useful.  I do not have a spare system to produce one,
> but my scripts are on the web page.  Anybody?

Attached is the raw data. I haven't processed it since I don't have
matplotlib installed.

The system is a completly stock sarge desktop autoinstalled this
morning, running on a fairly beefy proliant server. To simplify things,
I booted it with a uniprocessor kernel. Given that total boot time is
only 24 seconds even with top spinning, the 0.2 second sample interval
may be too high to catch all processes.

FWIW, on my considerably less powerful laptop, I simply run xdm as
S20xdm. By the time I finish typing my username and password, the system
is mostly booted.

see shy jo

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