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Re: Introducing pmount in Debian / New plugdev group


Marco d'Itri [2004-11-12 11:39 +0100]:
> On Nov 12, Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de> wrote:
> > > BTW, I suggest installing the rules files in /etc/udev/ and then
> > > creating a symlink in the rules.d/ directory.
> > Hmm, the Ubuntu hal package currently places the script directly in
> > rules.d/ (as with any other *.d file) since I did not want to clutter
> > up /etc/udev. Is this entirely unreasonable? I can change the Ubuntu
> > version if necessary.
> Using symlinks allows the user to disable or rearrange the rules.

Correct, I changed this now. The rules file now lives in
/etc/udev/hal-plugdev.rules, with a symlink in rules.d/.

> > > > If it is okay for you that pmount also ships /etc/udev/removable.sh,
> > > Please use /etc/udev/scripts/removable.sh.
> > For the same reason (not cluttering up /etc/udev) I placed the script
> > in /usr/share/hal/device-removable.sh. Is this okay as well?
> Probably not, because the script may be run before /usr is available.

I put it into /etc/udev/scripts/ now.

Thanks for your hints and have a nice weekend!

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