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Re: NMU on sysklogd

* Jerome Warnier (jwarnier@beeznest.net) [041028 15:25]:
> It is really annoying since every log analysis tool is failing on this
> every week at least? By "log analysis tool" I mean anything relying on
> files in /var/log to do something.

> [..]

> Could someone go through the list and NMU this? I'm willing to help, if
> necessary.

For Bug 275111 - I think this bug needs a proper explanaition / patch,
because that's the only way to fix it.

In general: sysklogd is already frozen for release of sarge. So, please
don't upload _anything_ which won't make it for sarge, i.e. only RC-bug
fixes. Changes like using /etc/defaults might be nice, but are not
possible any more for sarge. (And, I guess that the maintainer might do
a cleanup round after release of sarge.)

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