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Re: software updates file in /usr -- policy bug?

also sprach Wouter Verhelst <wouter@grep.be> [2004.10.29.1002 +0200]:
> > > dpkg should not put files in /usr when it extracts programs either if
> > > /usr MUST NOT BE WRITTEN TO... ;)
>                                    ^^
> > Come on! The FHS regulates what normal software can/should do,
> > partially so that package managers can work reliably. dpkg is the
> > package manager, thus it is exempt from the FHS.

I noted the smiley. I still wanted to make it explicit.

In fact, I should have been even clearer. The FHS applies to the
filesystem structure are run-time, not at installation time. It
guides the installation, but only such that when the installation
phase is complete, the system can switch to run-time and be
FHS-compliant from the start onwards.

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