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Re: RFS: kmenc15 - An advanced Qt/KDE MEncoder frontend.

On Thursday 28 October 2004 15:15, Thaddeus H. Black wrote:
> Hello Oded.
> <snip>
> Again, good luck.  If and when you find an
> appropriate sponsor, let me know the good news.

Wow, honestly, that was some damn great advice...

And it does sound very accurate and I do understand it. I don't know if I will 
follow through with it or not. I recently quit my job (good thing. fast 
food...), so I have plenty of time on my hands, so I might, on the other 
hand, I start army in less than 2 months (mandatory).

I understand Debian's interest in wanting people this serious and hard 
working, and putting these "trials" for them... But I must admit, it almost 
sounds not worth it for my project... :/ I simply developed kmenc15 myself 
for fun, put it up on some sites, and thought, why not have it also up on my 
favorite distro, and I never thought it would be something this complicated. 

My package requires relatively very small amount of maintaining (grand total 
of 100k including 90k of images :), and I have the obvious advantage of being 
both the author and maintainer... :) For this reason I find the trials almost 
pointless, as even a non-serious programmer can handle it.

Even though, for the pure cause of boredom, I might follow up on your very 
great advice, I'd like to think of myself as someone serious enough to do 
these things. I have no plan of becoming a DD though. I would only be very 
proud to see my favorite program in my favorite GNU/Linux distro....

An honest Thankyou.
- ods15

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